Rotomation Rotary Actuators

rotomation actuators
  • 5/8" to 2" bore
  • Indexing actuators
  • Pick-and-place actuators
  • Stepping actuators

Plus actuators built to customer specs

Since 1967, Rotomation has maintained its service and product reputation in the manufacture of practical, durable, rotary actuators that produce a variety of shaft motions. The Rotomation line includes pneumatic and low pressure hydraulic rotary actuators operating at typical pressures of 80 and 500 psi, respectively.

All but one of the rotary motions are generated by rack and pinion units in which a cylinder and piston at each end of a rack drive it and the pinion back and forth. A rotary actuator has a one-piece pinion shaft so that back and forth motion is directly coupled to the shaft. A stepping actuator delivers single direction rotary steps by connecting the pinion to the shaft with a one way clutch. With a similar drive mechanism, an indexing actuator produces accurate angular steps by a precise ratchet stop on its shaft. Pick and place actuators combine rotary motions and linear motions by transmitting rotary actuator torque to a linear cylinder via a splined shaft to rod connection.

In all the rotary devices above, the torque can be doubled by placing an additional rack with pistons and cylinders on the other side of the pinion and arranging plumbing for pressure and exhaust to diagonally opposite cylinders.