Marine and RV Tank Monitor

Marine Tank Monitor

Offering the latest word on safety and convenience for boats and recreational vehicles!

Check the level of fuel, potable water, and waste water in up to eight onboard tanks from one convenient location! Our Marine Tank Monitor is small (4" x 6"), easy to install, completely explosion-proof, simple to use, and direct reading. There is no cross contamination between tanks and no release of toxic or noxious fumes. What more could you ask for?

We make four different models, so you can monitor:

  • Four tanks up to 25 inches deep
  • Eight tanks up to 25 inches deep
  • Four tanks up to 40 inches deep
  • Eight tanks up to 40 inches deep
Marine Tank Monitor

There's one that will fit just about any need, and we can even make specials if required.

We call it the Marine Tank Monitor because all exposed panel parts are either stainless steel or nickel plated brass for corrosion resistance around salt water, but it works just as well on recreational vehicles, horse trailers, etc.

Installation takes only a few minutes per tank. Just drill a small hole in the top of the tank, thread a plastic line through a fitting, pull enough line through to reach the bottom of the tank, and tighten the fitting in place. Connect the line to the panel and mount the panel at any convenient place and you're through.

Operation is simplicity itself. Just press a button, operate a micro pump a couple of times, and read the level of liquid remaining in the tank (in inches). The gauge has dual scales for water and diesel fuel, so there are no formulas to remember. It's easy to convert inches into gallons depending on the size of each tank.

Distributors, retailers, and installers

We offer deep discounts for distributors, retailers, and installers. We stock all versions, ready for shipment today. Please call us if you have any questions at all.