Tank Monitor Installation

1. Select a location for the control panel, making sure that there is at least four inches clearance behind the panel. The clearance is required for components and so that tubing can be routed with no sharp bends or crimping which could cause malfunction. Be sure that there is room to run the tubing between the panel and each tank.

2. Cut out the inside of the panel template on the dotted line and carefully place the template over the selected space. Draw around the template cutout to mark the opening in your panel. Punch through the template with a sharp instrument or drill to mark the location of the mounting holes. Cut out the material of your panel, taking care to not go outside of the drawn line.

3. If the tank has an inspection/clean out plate on top, remove it and do all drilling operations in this plate away from the tank so that shavings will not fall into the tank. If no plate is available, catch the shavings in a cloth, with tape, or by other means. The manufacturer is not responsible for problems caused by loose shavings generated during installation.

4. Drill a hole through the plate or tank with a "Q" sized drill (.332 inch). Tap the hole with a 1/8" NPT tap. Replace the plate.

5. Push the plastic tubing through the brass fitting. Pull enough through the fitting to reach the botton of the tank, then add six inches or so for good measure. (This will not affect the accuracy of the readings.) Push the tubing through the metal weight and then push the barbed fitting into the end of the tube to prevent the weight from coming off the end of the tube. Drop the completed tube into the tank through the drilled hole, screw the fitting into the tank (use Teflon tape), and tighten the nut using a backup wrench to prevent stripping the threads.

6. Run the tubing to the control panel and cut it to length, leaving a loop of several inches for easy maintenance. Push the cut end onto the barbed fitting on one of the valves, making sure that the barb is fully engaged with the tubing.

7. Repeat steps 3 through 6 for each tank, then put the control panel in place and fasten it with the mounting screws.